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Are You Happy?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

One of the great challenges in today’s world is to be happy. We hear so much about it. We think a lot about it. There are all kinds of speakers out there talking about it. There is even a song about being happy. But what is the true meaning of happiness?

We all have our own definition of happiness. In the movie City Slickers, Mitch Robbins, a character played by Billy Crystal, is trying to find the meaning of life. He quickly discovers the meaning is different for each person. I think happiness is the same way.

I heard one speaker describe it perfectly. He said, “There are two ways to be happy. One is to get everything you want, and the second is to want everything you have.”

Let that sink in for a minute.

Get everything you want or want everything you have.

The first option is the constant pursuit of something that may never come, but the second option is always attainable because it is within your control.

Once you come to that realization, I think life will be a whole lot happier.

And just as Pharrell Williams sings, you’ll be able to…

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you,

Because I'm happy.

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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