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Are You Afraid You Won't Be Needed?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

One of the fears I have as a leader is that if I delegate my work maybe, just maybe, I won't be needed anymore. Is this a fear you have?

To be honest, I'm slightly embarrassed that I feel this way. Is it self-righteous to think that I am the only person who can do that task correctly? Will whoever I delegate to really not complete the task as well as I would have? Or is the real fear that if I delegate my work, then I won't be needed?

I know these are challenging thoughts, but the goal for every leader should be to lead so effectively that they themselves are indeed no longer needed for the task.

Here's the thing: you may not be needed for "that" task, but you will be needed for the next task, a different one. As leaders, we should always be pushing the envelope and looking for ways to be productive, to create something new, and to keep our team excited.

If we spend all our time trying to defend our turf and not delegating the tasks we've already mastered, then how can we continue to lead our teams to greatness? Yes, it's scary. But isn't it time for you to not be needed and focus on finding your next challenge?

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count


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