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Change Isn't the Enemy

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Most people are familiar with the Koch brothers and their company, Koch Industries. They make investments in all types of companies and they recently made a sizable investment in Infor. As an Alliance Partner, Advoco has a close relationship with Infor, so I was intrigued by this announcement.

When I heard the news, I decided to take a look at the Koch Industries website. As I poked around, a quote jumped out at me that I believe to be something that every company should live by. The quote is “change is not the enemy, it's your next opportunity.”

Stop the presses. What was that? “Change is not the enemy, it’s your next opportunity.”

We live in a high-speed world where change happens at a break-neck pace we’ve never seen before. I know when you hear the word change, you probably cringe. But I truly think that if you embrace change it can be used to your advantage.

Change can help you look at your processes and procedures in a different way. Change can help you fix what you know is broken. Change can bring a new perspective to a project that’s gotten stuck in a rut.

Next time you are faced with change remember that it’s not your enemy, it's your next opportunity.

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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