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5 Habits Of A Great Leader

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

One of my teammates wrote a blog post on an article by John Eades called “5 Beliefs You Need to Adopt to Be a Great Leader.” This article really caught my attention because while the beliefs seem so simple, collectively it’s a tall order to think about.

Each one of them speaks to the mindset of a leader. If you think you are a leader, or you want to be a leader, you need to honestly address each one of them in your professional and personal life.

Here are the five beliefs that Eades outlines, summarized by my teammate, Colin Whitney:

1. Good Things Will Happen

In everything we do in life there are ups and downs. The important thing is to focus on the good things that come along. As a leader you have great influence on the energy of your team. Being positive is always better than being negative.

2. Failure is Not Final; Failure is Feedback

Failure is rarely the end of the road. Usually, it is a temporary setback. It is always feedback that you can use to improve. Viewing failure as a learning moment and an opportunity to improve will keep your team positive and focused on the successes.

3. Patience is a Virtue

Success is not always the end of the road, and usually the road to success is longer than we want it to be. Keeping focused on the task at hand and accepting that you do not always control the timeline will help you remain patient.

4. No One is a Finished Product

Have you stopped growing/learning yet? When you graduated? When you got your dream job? When you got promoted? I know I haven’t. I can still improve, so shouldn’t you view your team in the same way? If you see opportunities for improvement, bring them up to your team with a plan to make the improvement. Making the members of your team better will inherently make your team better.

5. Everyone is Created for a Bigger Purpose

Finding out the bigger purpose for your teammates should be a goal for any leader. Finding out what will make them happy in the long run will help keep the energy on your team positive even in the hard times.

Take some time and think about these five traits. What do they mean to you as well as what do they mean for members of your team? Explore each one and take some time to have an honest discussion with yourself.

In the coming months I am going to delve deeper into each one of these because I believe each one is so important that they need their own Marty’s Minute.

The goal is for you and your team to reach your true potential, and when you do you can say you are the “Best Ever” you!

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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