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A Fresh Start

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the times I spent outside playing in the snow. We would make tracks all over the yard as we ran around and played games. Then, overnight it would snow again and cover up the footprints and we could start all over the next day.

This is similar to the start of a new year. Just like a new snow fall, at the start of the year we have the opportunity to plot a new course. We are not constrained by our old tracks.

We can begin anew and dream big. This is a time when anything is possible. We can tackle new projects, new budgets, and new goals.

In this spirit of newness, every year I like to pick a word that will guide me and direct my path for the coming year. My word for 2020 is courage.

Courage is defined as, “The ability to do something that frightens us.” For me, this word is especially pertinent as I embark on writing my first book. This is a project I started last year and hope to complete in 2020. It’s something that is really exciting, but at the same time is pretty frightening.

They say fear and courage are brothers. I just hope I get the right brother.

With 2020 now in motion, make sure you take the time to plan your new year. Sit down with your team and see where they would like to go. Encourage them to stand out and be great. To be courageous in whatever they do and not let fear stand in their way.

Like a good snowstorm that allows us to start new, so is the beginning of 2020.

I encourage you to pick your word for the year and let me know what it is. Having a word can be fun and exciting. It can give you the courage to move yourself down the path toward your goals.

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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