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Champions Are Made When No One Is Looking

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I saw this quote when I was reading about a walk-on player on the Clemson football team. The article talked about Greg Huegel, a kicker who was not recruited, the coach didn’t know his name, and he was not on anyone’s radar to be a Division 1 player. Despite the many obstacles, he still decided to try his luck as a walk-on.

What is so amazing about this story is that this unknown kicker got on the team and set the place on fire. In just his first year!

When Huegel was asked how he accomplished this seemingly huge feat of becoming a college football star, his response was awesome.

He explained that people just see him on the field during games and think his success came overnight. The truth is that he would be in his backyard kicking hundreds of balls every day. He probably kicked over 10,000 balls throughout his high school career.

And then he shared the quote that drove him, that champions are made when no one is looking.

Isn’t that true in everything we do?

In sports, in our jobs, in our relationships. It’s more than just showing up. What separates the good from the great is the work you put in when nobody is looking. It’s the hours and hours you spend perfecting your craft late at night or early in the morning.

Unfortunately, too many people focus on the success of others and convince themselves that the successful person is lucky or just born with a natural ability. While luck and ability play a part, what people forget is the hard work that was put in behind the scenes.

Success is not something that comes without going the extra mile. Remember that if you want to be great, champions are made when no one is looking.

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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