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Do You Have Something to Say?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This year I started writing Marty’s Minutes again. At first it was difficult because I have never considered myself a writer. I knew I had some great life experiences, but I was afraid I could not find the words to adequately describe what I have learned over the years.

What I found was that if I just started writing, the words would come. It became not just about getting ideas written down, but also the writing process started to make me take notice of situations and events that were all around me. Writing helped me to relate these individual situations to larger themes in business and in life.

When you start to write, you will find that new ideas will emerge. These ideas will surprise you and uncover feelings and thoughts you did not know existed. Writing can bring clarity to a situation and lets you make sense of what is happening around you.

So what keeps us from writing? It is fear. Fear that we don’t have anything to say. Fear we might be judged by a person not in the arena.

We have to trust that our stories deserve to be told. You may discover along the way that the better you tell your stories, the more you will want to live them.

I have never considered myself a writer. But what I found through writing is I am a good observer and there is so much inspiration all around us.

I’m able to pass my observations on to you and that makes it worth doing. I encourage you to give writing a chance. Write me a response. I would love to hear your observations.

You never know what it will lead to...

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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