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It’s Only Unthinkable If You Don’t Think It

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Dabo Swinney, coach of the Clemson Tigers football team, uttered these words after Clemson beat Alabama earlier this year to win their second National Championship in three years.

How true this is.

So many people create limitations on themselves, their teams, and their projects because they don’t think the unthinkable. I know in my life the only limitations that have been put on me are the limitations I have put on myself.

There are so many great opportunities out there, if we just dare to think the unthinkable. If we challenge ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Life is going to throw obstacles in our way. The “good enoughs” are going to tell us to stay where we are. People will try and tell you to just accept where you are, but is that your destiny?

When Clemson hired Dabo Swinney 10 years ago, I know most people were hoping that we could just keep the team competitive. I don’t think they were thinking about winning championships. But Dabo believed he could win championships. Dabo believed in the possibility of better. He knew that if he did not think it then it would never happen.

As you think about your life and where you want to go, think the unthinkable and see how far it can take you.

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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