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Reinventing The Way You Learn

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Normally, when we train a new team of users, we have an instructor lead a class with training documentation and cheat sheets. It’s a pretty standard format, and it’s something that worked.

But early last year, I sat in on one of these classes and realized, it wasn’t working for everyone.

I watched the class trying to absorb what the teacher was saying, looking at their screens, reading their cheat sheets, and figuring out the work flow. Then it hit me how painful training can be for new users. There is so much information coming at you at one time that it is almost impossible to not only comprehend, but also to remember once the class is over.

The problem with this type of learning is that it frustrates users and causes them to withdraw. Instead of asking a lot of questions and slowing the class down at the risk of “feeling stupid,” users retreat and don’t say a word. In their mind, they plan to work through the training guide later and figure it out by themselves.

Well, we all know how this story ends. There is never enough time to go back and read the documentation. It’s hard to make sense of what is written and what is on the screens. So, even if you do make time, it’s overwhelming. What ends up happening is either the user avoids doing it, or they fake their way through it and do it incorrectly. When the task is done incorrectly, not only is the company left to clean up the mess, they also have to provide more training to fix the errors.

It doesn’t have to be that way! What we have been finding out is one of the easiest ways for people to learn is watching small, bite-sized videos that demonstrate the task and explain what is going on. From this new way of thinking, the Connect Education Network was born.

The Connect Education Network is your place to reinvent the way you learn Infor EAM. It’s your go-to online training platform where you can watch short videos that explain a variety of different Infor EAM topics.

Most of us are visual people. If you show it to us in a video and let us control the pace at which we watch, we’ll not only learn faster, but enjoy the process. That’s why Connect Education Network videos are all ten minutes or less.

What we find is it isn’t how fancy the recording is that enables learning, but the simple fact that a user can watch, listen, and replay where needed. That’s where learning truly takes place.

Isn’t it time we stop wasting users’ time sitting in classrooms and using Word as our training tool?

Give your users the power – share the Connect Education Network with them. For the month of January, we are offering free access when you use the code FREEJAN19.

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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