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What Is It For?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Have you ever struggled with making a decision?

Whether it’s trying to buy a new car, a decision about your education, or maybe the creation of a new project; we have all been there. Every day we are faced with decisions that can have a major impact on our lives.

If you want to make your decision a little easier think of this simple question: What is it for?

By asking yourself this it will open you up to why something should be done or not done.

For instance, I want a new car. What is it for? Well, my old car is breaking down all the time, and I can’t make it to work. Ok, that sounds like a reasonable why.

I want to go on a vacation to Europe. What is it for? I want to get away and recharge my batteries and learn more about the French culture. Make senses, so this seems like a good decision.

But what about, I would like to go back to school and continue my education. What is it for? I don’t know, I just think it would help. Will the career advancement from more education get you a pay raise? It won’t? You see where this is going…

When you ask yourself “What is it for?” you change the conversation from a want, to a more deliberate conversation surrounding how the decision is going to benefit you.

I see this all the time when we roll out new processes in our projects. When you don’t ask the question, you get a screen full of fields nobody actually wants. Ask it up front so you don’t get data you don’t need and miss out on what you do need.

The concept is so simple. Your decisions will become much easier by starting with “What is it for?

I’ll leave you with one more example about reading Marty’s Minutes. What is it for? To provide you with some of the best ideas from great thought leaders one minute at a time!

See how easy it is?

Until next time…I’m Marty, make every minute count.


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